5 Ways Your Brand Can Utilize Custom-Printed Products

  • Oct 14, 2020

Turn to gifts with your name and logo on them as a way to appeal to customers, incentive employees, thank clients and market yourself in general!


When it comes to advertising, brands can turn to options like billboards, publications, radio/TV mentions, social media and sponsorships, but nothing is as quite as effective promotional products. 


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These can be any useful and thoughtful item that is customized with a company’s or organization’s name, logo and color. The suggestions below can also all be shipped out at the last minute. And these gifts can be used in the five ways listed below...and beyond!


ONE - Sell Merch

A top way to utilize custom-printed items is to offer up merchandise. This can be done in person and/or online, as a way for fans and followers to show their support. 

Every day, people wear tees and caps and carry mugs and bags with team mascots and business names on them, so make sure yours is available for purchase, too!


TWO - Host A Giveaway

Brands can also give products away for free, and a smart way to do so is with a giveaway. At a trade show, for instance, guests can be encouraged to visit booths by having their names entered into raffles. Similarly, the public can enter via social media, maybe by sharing or liking, which will give them a chance to win and give a brand more exposure and engagement. 


THREE - Incentivize Employees

Those within the workplace can benefit from custom gifts, as well. Whether an employer is looking to increase productivity, boost morale or reach a certain goal, incentives can be used.

Employees will feel appreciated by receiving freebies, and this, more than likely, will inspire them to continue working even harder.


FOUR - Thank Clients/Customers

On a similar note, things like thermoses, pens and chargers can be printed with names and logos on them and then sent to customers, as a way to say thanks. 

This may be done during the holiday season, each time a new client is secured or just because!


FIVE - Hand Out Swag

Finally, stock up on fun, affordable and last-minute swag that can be included with purchases, handed out at events, part of welcome kits and more and that will serve as a creative form of advertising. 


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